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Multi-functional Disinfectant Specially Formulated for Humidifier Application
Choice of Fragrance: Lavender & Pine

Recommended dilution ratio:
- Mix Bio-X® Kleanze Air with water at ratio of 1:15 (capacity of 1 cap full is approx. 5ml)
- Dilute the appropriate amount needed;
- DO NOT keep the diluted mixture for over 90 days

- Kills > 99.99% bacteria
- Kills > 99.99% viruses
- Anti-fungus
- Water-based
- Botanical extracts
- Non-poisonous
- Does not contain DEET, chlorine and alcohol


Bio-X® Kleanze Air Lavender (240ml)

  • Culture Disc Experiment
    Video for Humidifier Application
    How to Maintain Bio-X Humidifier

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